Smart City Works Named to ‘Top 12 Global Accelerators’ List



Singapore-based SmartMyCity named Smart City Works to its list of top 12 business accelerators around the globe

WASHINGTON D.C.—Smart City Works, a next-generation business accelerator and one of the first accelerators in the world to focus exclusively on urban tech and improving the livability, operations, and resilience of cities, was named as one of a dozen top smart city accelerators operating globally.

The list was created by SmartMyCity, a Singapore-based technology hub that serves a global audience with news and information about smart cities development. Only three American companies made the list. Qualcomm, based in California, and Urban-X, based in New York, were also selected.

“We deeply appreciate the recognition from SmartMyCity, an organization that is tracking the ‘smart’ revolution worldwide,” said David Heyman, co-founder of Smart City Works. “It is particularly heartening to see that our work, and the work of our portfolio companies, is attracting attention not only across the globe, but in Singapore in particular, the first Smart Nation.”

The accelerators named to the list operate around the globe. In addition to the three U.S. firms, they include Australia Smart Cities Accelerator in Singapore; CityZone in Tel Aviv; Dubai Smart City Accelerator in Dubai; Greater Bay in China; Scale Osaka in Japan; Tribe Accelerator in Singapore; Singularity University GSP in Denmark; Arcadis Accelerator in Amsterdam.

“Platforms like SmartMyCity help showcase the important work that is going on around the world,” said Heyman, former Assistant Secretary for Policy at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. “This type of connection is important. When we see each other’s work, we can support each other, learn from each other and more rapidly, and with greater insight into what works and what falls short, transform the landscape around us.”

About Smart City Works. Smart City Works is a next generation business accelerator—called a business actuator—that can rapidly move early stage ventures to commercialization, help speed products to market, and reduce investor risk. We focus on companies that improve the livability, operations and resilience of cities, with a special emphasis on urbantech, IoT devices and the built environment. Smart City Works offers business acceleration, innovation and commercialization programs to companies of all sizes, and to governments seeking to solve discrete challenges, graduating more than two dozen firms worldwide since 2017. Working at the intersection of government and private industry, our mission is to transform the way municipalities design, build and operate cities and city infrastructure.

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