Smart City Works



Smart City Works ACTUATOR is the world’s first business actuator — a new class of business accelerator that can more rapidly commercialize new technologies and innovations. The ACTUATOR is uniquely focused on urban tech, infrastructure, and improving how we design, build and operate cities. It takes promising urban tech ventures from across the globe and helps transform them into high growth businesses to make our world more livable, safer, sustainable, and resilient.


Smart City Works INNOVATION HUB empowers communities to solve urban challenges and improve economic growth, through technology innovation. The INNOVATION HUB provides governments, organizations, and communities, technology innovation programs to harness the power of digital technology and create smarter, safer, more sustainable, and resilient communities.


Smart City Works VENTURE STUDIO takes early-stage ventures and corporate intrapreneurship focused on urban tech and the infrastructure market from seed to Series A or exit, through investments in human capital, operations, and business plan execution. In doing so, The VENTURE STUDIO builds great businesses, expands much-needed innovation, and fosters better cities for good.