Smart regions extend the benefits of smart cities in an increasingly connected world.

The Smart City Works team expanded to support Smart Regions initiatives in August 2018, based on a tremendous amount of interest from our partner community and sponsors.

Our Smart Region explorations include coalitions between federal, state and local governments working together with utilities, universities, enterprises and thought leaders with a vision to improve the quality of life and the sustainability of the planet through applications of smart city technologies across broader regions.

Analogous to the interstate highway system and other regional collaborations, we can now join forces to reduce costs and risks, pooling our resources to develop solutions that can be implemented in a practical, affordable and sustainable fashion.

We are building a coalition building on our existing relationships with technology companies, academia, and government leaders to move forward public and private sector efforts that will transform the way cities, counties and states can work together in the future to bring all the benefits of more modern infrastructure and digitally connected systems to individuals, families and businesses.

Our focus areas include shared R&D, testbeds, cloud services, data management, security, governance, privacy, communications technologies including IoT, LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi, Narrowband IoT, 5G, community broadband and more.

By working with a community with aligned goals, we will help build smart regional systems that solve problems today while preparing for new challenges associated with a hyperconnected world in the future. We believe this is the best path toward efficiency and scale, progress and sustainably positive outcomes.

Education and building awareness is an important part of our initiative, so we are committed to sharing stories of innovation and success across the U.S. and the world, while also highlighting similar smart region initiatives centered on improving the environment, life, work and play extending beyond city limits.

Read this blog from one of our partners, Carnegie Technologies, to learn more about the potential of smart regions.