Smart City Works Announces Winter 2019-2020 ‘Call for Innovators’



Startups specializing in smart-city tech, ‘internet of things’ and solving urban challenges can now apply for Winter 2019-2020 Business Actuation Program

WASHINGTON D.C.—Smart City Works, a next generation business accelerator focused on solving urban challenges through speeding commercialization of emerging technologies and ventures, seeks entrepreneurs, startups and companies to participate in the Winter 2019-2020 cohort of its unique 90-Day Business Actuation Program.

The program, which has graduated more than two dozen firms from all over the world in the past three years, is focused on helping companies that improve the livability, sustainability, operations and resilience of cities. Participants travel to Washington D.C. for a highly focused, and highly customized business acceleration program, which includes intensive training, mentoring and other activities focused on rapidly moving early stage ventures to commercialization; reducing risk for downstream investors; and speeding product uptake in the marketplace.

Areas of emphasis include go-to-market strategies, pricing, business operations, investment pitches, rapid customer acquisition, pilot projects and a Demo Day with investors, end-users and industry executives, designed to obtain critical support needed to gain traction and build opportunities for growth.

“Companies that go through a business acceleration program grow twice as fast and receive 30 percent more investment than those that don’t,” said David Heyman CEO of Smart City Works. “As one of the first business acceleration programs focused exclusively on smart city markets—and given that half of all start-ups fail in the first year and 80 percent within five years—we know our program is what new founders focused on solving urban challenges need.”

Smart City Works seeks companies with commercial solutions that address significant social and civic challenges. Special consideration is given to those that address transportation, public safety, cybersecurity, urban data use, IoT technologies, energy/carbon reduction, water quality, waste reduction, food supply and affordable housing.

“The companies that join our program offer solutions that help cities support daily life,” Heyman said. “For example, they might reduce traffic congestion, lower the cost of infrastructure or increase performance in areas such as energy storage. The companies we choose are those with products that truly make a difference.”

The deadline for applications is Dec. 3, 2019 and submissions are reviewed as they are received, with selections made on a first-come, first-served basis. The program begins Feb. 3, 2020. To apply, please visit: For more information, please email Smart City Works at

About Smart City Works. Smart City Works is a next generation business accelerator—called a business actuator—that can rapidly move early stage ventures to commercialization, help speed products to market and reduce investor risk. We focus on start-ups and companies that improve the livability, operations, sustainability and resilience of cities, with a special emphasis on urbantech, IoT devices and the built environment. Smart City Works is a recent winner of the U.S. Economic Development Agency’s i6 Challenge Grant and is leading a new effort to develop a Smart Region in Greater Washington and Northern Virginia.

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